By Derek Shiell, Director Engineering, Verizon Media, and Harkeerat Bedi, Senior Manager — Research, Verizon Media

The need to balance compute power with latency has made edge computing a hot topic, fueled in part by the emergence of the 5G Edge, which promises ultra-low latency. The 5G Edge’s <10 ms of latency is foundational to enable virtual reality, the Internet of Things (IoT), and autonomous vehicles. Without edge computing, these functionalities would be seriously constrained.

While 5G Edge is making rapid strides forward, content delivery networks (CDN) have enabled edge compute use cases for many years, offering massive network capacity and just milliseconds of latency to virtually every connected device and internet user on the planet. CDNs are well established and have proven to be highly effective at delivering large flows of content at scale. The Verizon Media Platform, for example, offers 120+ Tbps of egress capacity and is deeply peered with more than 5,500 last-mile networks, providing global scale, performance and security. …


Verizon Media Platform

Verizon Media offers an industry-leading Media Platform to prepare, deliver, display & monetize online content.

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